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Belgians hijack nice prizes in Loosdrecht

After half a Belgian became world champion in Formula 1, Belgians also took home great prizes in Loosdrecht.

Five Belgians (a record!) came down to Loosdrecht for the Boerenkool competition. The weather forecast was promising, an original dinner, a strong 60-strong field and an always excellent race organization were apparently convincing arguments.

In previous editions, the Belgians always had a bit of a hard time showing up there. This year too, we couldn't match up toppers like Bas De Waal, but there was clearly improvement! Tony Delava and Stijn Helsen sailed without complexes the first day a very good 22nd and 23rd place. However, it was not easy because of a sometimes strong wind, the famous Loosdrecht short waves and constant wind shifts.

At six o'clock the famous (infamous?) kale with smoked sausage was served. Tony was so impressed that he consumed 4 portions.

I don't know what happened next, but the next day the balance of power was different: Sigurd improved his score, and Tony and Stijn dropped a few places. To be honest, I have to confess that I did cause Stijn to lose a few places because of a starboard/portside mistake at the finish.

To his surprise, Sigurd received the prize for the best foreigner.

During the award ceremony, a new sail was also raffled off. An innocent hand retrieved number BEL 76 from the wine cooler! I was super happy to receive such a wonderful prize after an unlucky year!

Most importantly, we had a great time and learned a lot. Next year we should definitely get more Belgians on the line!

Uitslag Belgen : 18 - Sigurd, 27 - Paul, 29 - Stijn, 30 - Tony, 33 - Filip

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