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Finn Sailing Belgium


In January 2017 “Finn Sailing Belgium” was set up as a non-profit organization with as primary goal to support, unite & promote  Finn Sailing & Racing for Belgian sailors both on National as International level. The organization currently exists of about 40 paid-up members from various sailing clubs spread across Belgium (Galgenweel, Spuikom, Gavermeer and Maas) 


National Races 

Every year the Board of the Belgian Finn Class puts a Racing Calendar together and decides which races will take place on which location. They also decide which races will count for the annual Belgian Finn Ranking (Belgian Finn Cup).


The overview of the races counting for the annual Belgian Finn Ranking can be found under the Events page


International Races

Apart from various races across Europe (Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy etc.) there are a few prestigious races that always attract big fleets of competitors (> 100 boats) from across the globe:


Finn Gold Cup

Finn World Masters

Finn Europeans

Finn European Masters

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