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The Boat


The Finn is a modern single handed dinghy equipped with a flexible carbon wing mast providing excellent trim possibilities and therefore allowing a wide range of people to sail it, i.e. people in the weight category ranging from 85 up to 110kg and the age category between 18 & 88 years old.​


The Finn was born from the hands of Swedish canoe designer called Rickard Sarby in 1949 as his entry in a design competition to select a new monotype dinghy for the . Whatever else he was thinking on that day, he cannot have imagined that sailors across the whole world would still be enjoying and racing the same design almost 70 years later. In 2020 unfortunately the Finn sailed her last and this for the 18th time! Therefore it can proudly be called the longest serving dinghy in the Olympics.

Technical details

Length: 4,50m

Beam: 1,51m

Draught: 0,80m

Mainsail: 10m²

Weight: 116kg

Weight “Sail ready”: 145kg

Age Categories


Apart from overall results, the ranking of the (Inter) National races is subdivided in following age categories:


Junior: sub 23 years

Senior: 23-39 years

Master: 40-49 years

​Grand Master:50-59 years

Grand Grand Master: 60-69 years

​Super Legend: 80-plus years

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