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Belgian Snipes & Finn Class Belgium present

Antwerp Sustainability Cup

See you again mid March 2025!


Jan Peeters & Nathalie Janssens

The Antwerp Sustainability Cup represents a group of people (i.e. Sailors, their Clubs & Federations, their Partners & Family, Sustainable Companies & Organizations) that share the same ideology and want to show the world their sustainable footprint by engaging themselves to this Cup.

With the sole and only form of propulsion being wind combined with manpower, Dinghy Sailing is a very environmental friendly sport with zero CO2-emission after all.  

Finn Class Belgium & the Belgian Snipes highly value the “Global strive for Sustainability” in every aspect. With a little bit of cooperation & effort from everyone, the path towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) - formally introduced by the UN General Assembly in September 2015 - will be much shorter!

Therefore we kindly invite you to “Step on board, share our ideology and become Partner in Sustainability!” and enjoy our simple principle “Powered by nature, serious sailing, serious fun!”


Located on the left side of the river Scheldt, the Antwerp Lake “Galgenweel” lies very close to the City Centre and is strategically very well positioned in the middle of our small country Belgium. Therefore it is considered as the beating heart & home for the inland based Belgian (Snipe & Finn) Sailors. Sailing on the lake is always very challenging due to the shifty and gusty conditions.

Many great Belgian sailors started their career here and are always happy to return. The Racing area can be reached in about 5 minutes from the slipway and the courses are usually fairly short and guarantee some close racing. The audience ashore can easily follow the races from the clubhouses.


The Belgian Snipes & Finn Class Belgium are happy to announce they partnered up with BE Networks.

Founded back in 2008, BE Networks is an international IT company which is striving for “Sustainable IT Sourcing”.

Finns meets Cathedral

Other Partners


Powered by BE Networks

Beatrijslaan 92
2050 Linkeroever, Antwerp

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