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  • Linear Bearings: What You Need to Know
    Linear bearings are rolling-element and fluid-film devices that reduce friction in motion systems where the motion acts along a straight — or sometimes curved — pathway. They are distinguished from radial bearings in which motion is rotary. Linear bearings are used in machine tool applications such as sli…En afficher davantage

  • What is Hook and Loop?
    Hook and loop fasteners are constructed from of two different pieces of nylon, one side acts as the “loop” (softer to the touch) the other side is the “hook” together these create a strong closure, whilst pulling the strips apart directly is easy, trying to separate them any other way is very difficult. Hook & Loop fasteners…En afficher davantage

  • What is MDF? Plus Tips for Using MDF
    MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is inexpensive, durable, and a good choice for many woodworking and carpentry projects. Learn how to use it correctly, and how to avoid common mistakes.

    Medium-density fiberboard is the most versatile building material I know of. Because it’s inexpensive and fairly durable,…En afficher davantage

  • History & Development Of Printing Machines
    Printers in Indonesian mean printers (printing devices) and as already known together, the printer is an output device in the form of hardware that is connected to a computer or other digital device. The printer has a function to print text, images and other digital displays to various print media such as…En afficher davantage

  • What Does the Radiator Support Do?
    The radiator plays a critical role in your engine’s performance and overall function. The radiator is ultimately responsible for keeping your engine at the optimal running temperature. When the radiator becomes damaged, it can cause serious engine performance problems. The radiator support, naturally, is there to…En afficher davantage

  • MEK Inhibitor Mechanism of Action, Side Effects, and Uses
    Metastatic melanoma is a deadly cancer for which conventional chemotherapy provides little benefit. However, newer therapies involving a pathway called the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway have demonstrated success in inducing remission.

    The MAPK pathway is more accurately…En afficher davantage

  • The Science of Heat Transfer: What Is Conduction?
    Heat is an interesting form of energy. Not only does it sustain life, make us comfortable and help us prepare our food, but understanding its properties is key to many fields of scientific research. For example, knowing how heat is transferred and the degree to which different materials can…En afficher davantage

  • What’s the difference between disc replication vs. duplication?
    Depending on the size of your CD or DVD order there are two different ways your discs get made.

    1) Replicated Discs

    The most common way to manufacture CDs is to replicate them. This involves a process where we mold each disc from melted polycarbonate (plastic) pellets. Before we…En afficher davantage

  • 10 Types of Laser Levels: Getting the Leveling Job Done Right
    Picture this: you’re trying to hang a curtain rod above the window. You have the curtain rod in one hand and a hammer and a nail in the other. Of course, you’d probably want that curtain rod hung in a straight line.

    So you then decide to take out your spirit level and realize that you…En afficher davantage

  • The Use of Plywood in Construction
    Plywood has become one of the most popular building materials, thanks to its useful properties such as ability to withstand moisture and high strength. Despite being robust and versatile, plywood remains affordable and durable for small businesses. A quick glance at the different types of plywood will reveal…En afficher davantage

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